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This raincoat not only protects you from Rain but also your Motor Bike which would also the protect your accessories you’re carrying in the motor Bike.This Hikari Motorcycle Raincoat is designed for one purpose only - wet weather riding against the rain. If you are always stuck in the rain, you might want to consider buying this waterproof motorcycle rain jacket to avoid being drenched to the skin.Hikari Waterproof Bike raincoat Ideal for day and night wear. The swing wrap style Motorcycle Raincoat is fully lined, wraps with a button and strap closure. This Motorcycle Rain Shadow is a must for a rainy day for motorcycle riders. This Raincoat is made for adults to minimize chances of getting wet.Waterproof RaincoatIt completely covers the bike and you which has a button strap closure.It is portable as it can be folded into the given pouch.Transparent PVC material on the front lap for the head lights of the motorcycleSwing wrap style will help to cover the head of the bicycle in the rain.Two zipper closures which helps you to comfortably control the motor bike.- Transparent PVC material on the front lap for the head lights of the motorcycle- Two zipper closures for your hands to control the motorcycle- Colour: Magenta, Blue- Length: 60 inches- Made to Japanese standards

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